past tense

and the sense

is now was

and the relief

is i am water under

your bridge

no loss

head toss

the cost

was a cross out



i cried

she said

you know

i am here

i showed


like dom s wife

right side

left side of

a x

is y!





in cooled


soon to be


two to one

not done

the future

then is a suture

of big money

and big bang

box condos

she takes

her dog

all places

her family

is all dead and gone now

and some people

must think she s shit nuts

she is not

she is a holy woman

who suffers quietly

and has her share

of sadness

why can t we just allow

her a little lee way?

sign of the cross


not loss

nor shame

the blame

is pure evil

malice from the garden of eden

to the degradations of sin

no win

carry the cross

at the cost

love is from Him

and for yourself in the image of holiness!


from a homily by msgr m francis mannion


be sweet

too much

will rot such as teeth

daddy and momma

may meet hook up

do the samba

no thanks

the line between

whore and sex worker

bad idea

not enough

self respect



and tho

i am far from sedat

i cannot relate

to that primal need


even if

we have not

or had met

i would hate you

she wrote

well baby

you re alone too

what does that say

you have your dog

and your mom

that love you

which is fine

but why continue

to spill out

the venom

when we both all know

you want to be a lover too

you want to be naked

and in the arms of passion

which is sold to us

by society as a norm

a form

of pleasure some

kind of necesitty

that rocks

ya own gibraltar

well i am a rock

and out of style

stock simon

like the simple pie man

so i will go at His will rather