a loud brat

in a high chair

granny and mommy were

there too with his sister

they did nothing to quiet him

nor shut him up

they are not doing him

or any of us a favor

whom have to listen to

his shrills yips

and tantrums

fuck them all

as i walk away

with my breakfast

sliding down fast!

almost galen

but not

white hair

clipped moustache

good shape

for a man his age

working that east street corridor

along the country club golf course

we met heading north to south

and then

again just the reverse

a little later

with a good morning

and a chuckle too

blind man came down the street

him south to east

i west to north

wished him a good morning

calling him brother

i think he said

i m not mormon

i thought see how easy it is

to identify

a specific word

with something so negative?

i wished him well aloud

and in my mind

stay cool sir

and out of the heat!

control yourself

too much

too little

zig zag

the lennon like

wig wam

big man




to heed the need

for more or less

the right


rolling north

to catch a bus

a nice smile

in light blue

exchanging a word

or two before

the extreme

heat set in

and with a hello

and be well

you could

tell she has grace

from within

and without

her legs


what did she do for me?

not one fucking thing

is that awful?



quite silent

is better than blue calls

and near close calls

some things are not meant to


so fine by me


hello my enemy

you should have left well enough alone

you damn bitch

a witch

with a hitch in her step

and in her life

some poor fool s wife

well you told me your name

and then as a part of your slimy game

asked me to promise not to tell


fuck you

and damn


you to hell

for being

my true enemy!