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is quiet

and seems kind and pious

she wore immaculate

white keds

and had clean

raven dark hair

and i wanted to hug

and kiss her

and pull off her underwear~

just wars

what were we fighting for?

in our minds eye

or His

above with care and lvoe

like king Saul of old

who wrote the story

of  strict scorched earth?

the tally

a rally

a hyperbole

in the Son

Jesus the one who

came after

to be heard and clearly understood

the message of love and peace and mercy!


from a homily by fr jj schwall

add to the mix

and he calls me sick

well the intend

is total control

and being a jerk

and not liking himself

is a shit way to be

but i prefer

to avoid

him as much as possible

with good reasons

charity  begins at home

end of line

what would you

ask of Him?

the right question

is a matter of point of view

not supposing

and showing

the choice

your voice

may be heard!

from the right reason

the heavenly season!


from a homily by fr erich richstag

time between

what is

and what will be

is a sixty mystery

will the future

be a seed and a suture

to needed changes

and fiscal domains

the song remains

the same until

then a lame duck

a poor quack

for all the leadership qualities

she does lack!

time and then

once again

my friend


the plan

of God

and man

the garden

is not that

far from us

nor the cave

for our


to rave about this new modern thing

we fling at the sky!



and not being the teacher s pet

we let loose

with the why

and did then offend

a black beauty

deep under the belt

and equator

of the earth

searching for

the promise

and premise

of more!