a man can and must

learn to live and let live

and adjust

to pain and loss

cost the time

on the thin silver coin

you must learn you cannot turn

churn stop

into my physche

it did creep

untrue words

and lies

holding her true feelings

inside for far too long

and telling me things i should not know

helped the illusion of loving and wanting her grow

then in the private room she said

i m crying and dying by your very essence

and negative dark nature

well hell i was not surprised

but sad and felt judged

and unhappy with that

well love you drink too much

and smoke too much too

and do not think enough

about who i maybe

so while we are literally

in the same valley

we are still mars to venus

so dignity

and with the right amount

of pride


soul porn

to the aye

and now in saying

simply goodbye!